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Last kayak escort trip of the season

Last kayak escort trip of the season two guys from Eastbourne paddling for a cancer charity.  Course plotted we set off from Rye Harbour at 06:30.  With the kayak on board we headed round to folkestone which took 30 mins. We unloaded the kayak and the guys set off.kayak-shipping-lanesWe plotted a course taking into account the tides and wind with an estimated time of arrival at Cap Gris Nez in France after 4 hours.Channel Course Plotted for KayakThe guys met some serious wakes from the container ships. Photo below shows a 3 meter wake. The kayak is 22ft long and struggles to get over it!! You can see the white cliffs of Dover in the distance.Container Ship has a massive wakeFour hours later they touch down in France. We over took 3 swimmers and 1 big rowing boat who where also crossing at the same time.This was the last of 12 kayak crossings this summer. Looking forward to next season already.Kayak reaches French coast

Kayak channel crossing Thurs 5th July

This trio started their epic journey by crossing the British Channel to France. Escorted by our safety boats they made good speed across the channel and hit the coast just South West of Calais. From there they will follow the European coast to the North Sea before joining the Kiel Canal through Germany. The route will take them onto the coast of Denmark and Sweden before finally arriving in Helsinki in September. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHvM3MAFym0[/youtube]They believe they are among the first people, if not the very first, to complete this entire route by sea kayak and good luck to them its a long way. They will be paddling over 1,600 miles over the next three months  If you want to donate to Alzheimer’s Research UK you can do so here on their Just giving page.

The Crossing

The weather was perfect, pretty much the only perfect day for that sort of crossing in the last three months. Once launched at Dungeness lifeboat station after the fog had lifted they used the 3 knot North Easterly current to push them up the channel towards Calais.  This was planned so they could get as far up the French coast before the tide turned and pushed them back down towards Bolounge. There is a six hour window before the current heads the other way. These kayaks only cruise at 3-4 knots so the current makes a massive difference.  The trio then set up camp for the night and we headed back to Dover to fuel up for the return journey to Rye Harbour.

Thinking of doing it yourself

We have a couple of slots left this year to escort you across so get in touch as soon as possible to discuss and reserve your week. The cost is £950 for 1 boat that covers 2 kayaks. The cost for 2 safety boats is £1750 all in which covers up to 4 kayaks.

Kayak the English Channel

Kayak the english channelWe can help you Kayak the English Channel using our local knowledge and cross channel experience. From you first ideas to planning the trip we can make your crossing happen.

We have RIB safety boats to escort you across the worlds busiest shipping lanes. This is quite a challenge when your in a Kayak that can only travel at 2 -5 knots. Some of the large ships travel at 20 knots so timing is everything. Our ribs have Radar & AIS (Automatic Identification system) which allows us to track oncoming ships from up to 100 miles away.

If your thinking of crossing & require a kayak for the job then contact Epic Life in Hastings who have great experience in Kayaking across. Even if you have never paddle before Cliff will be able to train you up in a very short time. The last person to cross in August last year had only been kayaking for 3 months. He got across in 6 hours. Contact us to discuss your trip ideas.