Kayak the English Channel

We can help you Kayak across English Channel using our local knowledge and cross channel experience. We will listen to your ideas and plan the trip in detail.  we can make your crossing happen. Our vessels will make your crossing a safe and fun trip.

Kayak across English Channel Safely

We have RIB safety boats to escort  you and your passengers (up to 9) across the worlds busiest shipping lanes. This is quite a challenge when you are in a Kayak that can only travel at 2 -6 knots. Some of the large ships travel at 20 knots so timing is everything. Our rib support vessels are equiped with AIS (Automatic Identification system) which allows us to track oncoming ships from up to 100 miles away and therefore avoiding going near them. This gives us plenty of time to change your course slightly to ensure a smooth crossing for you. We also have Garmin HD radar in case the fog banks appear which can happen anytime in the English channel.

Ideal weather conditions

The ideal conditions for crossing the Channel by Kayak are little or no wind and neap tides. Neap tides (small tides) are best because they only create small cross currents. Spring tides (large tides) however can create cross currents of up to 4 knots.

Registering your craft

It is a good idea to register your Kayak on the SSR (Small ships register) with the MCA (UK Coastguard).  This costs about £25 and generates an SSR number that you can then stick to your kayak.  Then when you arrive in a foreign country they can see who you are and where you come from. This is a requirement when entering French waters.

Training etc

If your thinking of crossing & require a kayak for the job then contact Epic Life in Hastings who have great experience in Kayaking across English Channel. Even if you have never paddled before Cliff will be able to train you up in a very short time. It is also a good idea to do some long trips along the coast to get used to the wave motion of the sea. The last person to cross in March this year had only been kayaking for 3 months. He got across in 6 hours. Contact us to discuss your trip ideas. Have a look at our price list to see the cost of your crossing.

The Route

We tend to depart from Dungeness and head to Boulogne on the French Coast. As leaving from Dover can mean ferries and ships all going in different directions. See the map below for the possible routes. We also bring you and your passengers back across the channel, if needed.