Solar Powered channel crossing world record

Simon and his father built this catamaran using solar panels from their solar company AKT Solar. The date was chosen as the longest day of the year so as to get the most sunshine possible. They wanted to break the Solar powered Channel crossing world record. Amazingly the weather was perfect not a breath of wind and perfect blue skies.  These conditions are very rare in the channel so luck was on their side. Leaving Dungeness early morning we set off into the channel.

Solar powered boat leaving Dungeness en route to France

The cat was able to hold an average speed of 4 knots which is a good pace and the same speed that most kayak crossings average.

Mid channel crossing with solar powered Catamaran

Mid channel the wind started to pick up from the East tossing the catamaran around a bit but it just ploughed on through the half way point. Still perfect conditions re the sunlight and we were on target for a 7 hour crossing.

Solar Powered Catamaran arriving in france

After 6 hours and 59 minutes Simon steered his solar catamaran into Boulogne harbour in France.  A great job and well done.

record channel crossing