Rib Charter Rye to Arundel

We took a Rib Charter from Rye to Arundel in East Sussex yesterday. We have always wanted to run up The river Arun from Littlehampton to Arundel to have some lunch.

Littlehampton harbour entrance
We arrived when the tide was flooding and followed a fishing boat in through the shallows which helped as he definitely had local knowledge. After 20 mins at 6 knots we arrived in Arundel where we moored up and headed in to town for a bit to eat.
arundel mooring
The trip from Rye to Arundel return was 135 miles and we used 270 litres of fuel!!. On the return journey about 10 miles off Brighton we came across a wind farm test facility pic below for the new wind farm.
wind farm hastings bank