Miss Isle’s French connection sailing with Natasha Lambert

Natasha Lambert’s sailing adventure across the English channel on 1st July 2013.  Piloting Miss Isle her specially converted 6.5m Mini Transat yacht.  Natasha is able to steer & trim the sails by sipping and blowing into a tube. The boat was modified by her dad and it works very well.Natasha leaving boulogneNatasha setting sail from Boulogne Harbour in France setting course for Dover harbour in the UK
escort vessels leaving BoulongeOur RIB Aintree and the Cat Wet Wheels leaving their moorings ready to follow Miss isle across the English Channel
miss sile passing Cap Gris nezMiss Isle passes Cap Gris-Nez on the French coast before turning NW towards Dover. Natasha is maintaining an epic pace of 7-8 knots along the French coast. We are ahead of schedule now.
miss isle shipping lanesMiss isle passed very close to the stern of this massive tanker. 230 meters long and doing 12 knots.
Miss isle enters Dover HarbourMiss Isle arrives at the Western entrance of Dover Harbour to be greeted by the press sho where picked up earlier by Wet wheels. Also The Dover RNLI lifeboat comes out to greet Natahsa and congratulate her on her amazing achievement. To see the BBC news taking to Natasha click here.  To sponsor Natasha here

wet wheels press boat
Wet wheels
dover RNLI lifeboat welcomeDover lifeboat from Aintree.