Royal Sovereign Lighthouse

royal sovereign lighthouse
Take a trip to the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse near Beechy head in East Sussex. This lighthouse built in the sixties marks the Royal Sovereign shoal. The lighthouse replaced a light vessel which protected the Royal Sovereign Shoal since 1875.

Originally, the Royal Sovereign Lighthouse platform was manned, accommodation being contained in the ‘cabin section’, a practice which ceased in 1994 when the light was automated. Its distinctive shape is easily recognised as it comprises a large platform supported by a single pillar rising out of the water. Ten miles off the Coast of Hastings many people mistake it for an oil rig.

Leaving from Rye Harbour

Take a trip from Rye to see this great lighthouse out at sea. The sunsets out there are epic and make for a great photo opportunity. The trip is roughly 2 hours and takes in the cliffs off Fairlight then Hastings and then out to the lighthouse for some photos.

On the way to the Lighthouse we pass the cliffs at Fairlight where the houses are falling into the sea (see photo below).  Then onto Hastings which looks great from the sea. During this trip we cover 35 miles .

Whole boat £380

You can bring up to 9 guests. We only offer whole boat charter on this trip.

Fairlight Cliffs fro the sea